Monday, October 30, 2006

watch out for those sexsomnia

We all know about those sleepwalkers, well watch out, there is now another group on the stroll during the night, the sexsomnia. Luckily (or unluckily?), it is said that they mostly stay in their own bed to do their sexual “wandering” on their partner in bed with them (and when they do not have a partner in bed with them?). Stress or sleep deprivation are thought to be major causes of this, with the person being caught in the same “between” sleep and awake state as sleepwalkers are. No doubt, some sleepwalkers will think that the sexsomnia group have the better deal. Although some sexsomnia suffers (or their partners) might not agree with this.

Of course, it is strange to say the least that this “symptom” has now suddenly popped up in society! No doubt, the psychologists or medical persons who “diagnosed” this symptom would say it has been there all the time, that it just had not been researched properly, or correctly diagnosed, or some such usual argument.

Psychologists seem to be finding new “symptoms” all the time. A so-called internet survey on this subject has “found” that this symptom is more prevalent than medical documents previously suggested (from internet survey 219 reliable respondents). Now that this is out in the open it is highly likely that more and more suffers of this symptom will suddenly come out with the bed bugs from under the bedding. It is even possible that before long it will even become a serious problem in society.

It is clear that the person with this affliction probably suffer tremendously (at least in most cases), in one way or another. However, the question remains, why does it suddenly have to become a new special medical classification with name? No doubt, it creates a plus point for the researchers or psychologists who have “discovered and termed” this symptom, resulting in them earning recognition in this field. Is this not perhaps an example of the down side of modern electronics and communication, such as the use of the internet! Additionally perhaps too many doing some form of research or study from which the results then immediately are taken up into the mainstream. Perhaps the need to find something new, be the first, or be a leader in the field, are the result of external pressures, or from pressures within themselves. An example of this is the researcher who went so far as to fake part of his experiments in cloning and caused a major scandal.

The dangers in this lies in certain people, and probably mostly men, using this as grounds to having forced sex and then blame it on this condition, supported by lawyers using this to get their client free of sexual abuse charges. Psychologists will argue they are drawing up plans to prevent this from happening, but unfortunately, we all know what often happens with such plans. In theory, they are fine but in reality things go differently, especially when lawyers get hold of them and use them in court. At the very least, some might see it as a free licence, as “they are not responsible” and are therefore not to be blame, resulting in some other poor person’s life being damaged, or destroyed.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

we shall be joined in holy wedlock for health and illness

Reuters news agency reports on what it calls a new U.S. study. In this study it was shown that depressed people were less depressed after getting married. On the other hand if you are not depressed and got married you might just end up getting depressed – since presumably you might just marry that person that was depressed who got married and is now less depressed and now you are depressed! So now we are all depressed, only one less than the other one who is more, because the one started out happy and the other started out more depressed but is now less……and surely that must mean we are all now happy….or is it that we are all depressed…..or have I got it all wrong!

I never was much good at those trick questions…you know the ones…you run over a field and pick up 6 apples along the way, drop 10 apples further on…climb over 5 fences, and pick up another 12 apples, fall down a hole and misplace 2 apples, then miraculously find a tunnel which leads you to …..well I think you know the type of trick questions I mean!

I am a little depressed we needed a study to tell us this, surely we could have just asked most kids, so maybe I will just have to go and get married, is there any lovely woman out who is happy and is tired of being happy and wants to get married, sorry, I mean depressed, or is it, so we can be depressed together, and therefore happy…well basically happy…….well anyway get in touch……..

(A little depressing) Footnote:

The study was to be presented at the American Sociological Association’s annual meeting and was apparently carried out by a sociology student and an assistant professor of sociology and for this study they researched a 3,066 person sample…..hmmmm…I wonder how many married people there are in the world, how many depressed people, divided by 2 that makes……..sorry, I have gone and lost a couple along the way…I think I had better stop before I get all tied up….. eh! Did I say tied up!......tied up = marriage… or was it depressed……help……..please get in touch……help….!